Here are two pictures of two elevations of the same building. The concerns of the architect were based on the picture of the wall on the left. We talked for about 1/2 hour walking around the building and then came back to the wall on the left…it looked like the wall on the right.

This is critical light… creating concerns because the angle of the sun creates shadows of every variation along the plane of the wall. During the fall and spring when the sun is lower in the sky for longer periods of time, there are more instances of this effect. During summer and winter, not so much. The ceramic tile industry controls their critical light situations on the inside by having industry standards about how close the light source can be to the tile. The plastering industry has a moving sun as our light source, so our exterior panels look different every day and at different time of day.

There are ways to maximize flat walls in the specification process which we will discuss in future blogs.

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