Sometimes we need a reminder of why plaster gets a bad name. The building in this picture was done in a hurry with plastic cement and stucco finish. Without proper curing the Plastic Portland Cement was finished with Stucco. It rained and efflorescence and cracking occurred. The solution was to continue to cure the building for the next week, check the ph of the finish and then coat the building with a primer and two good coats of Arcrylic paint.

The project was originally inspected in 2005 and 12 years later still looks beautiful. As soon as I get out that way, I’m going to add a current picture. It’s a testament to the flexibility of Plaster to go from unsightly to beautiful with the right solution to an aesthetic problem.

If you’ve the same situation and need a solution, call or email so we can talk about what’s best for you.

Bruce Bell
Bell Construction Consulting

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